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Signed Hardcover Volume II

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Psychology of Horror Villains, Survivors, and Victims Movie Edition volume II expands on volume I with more character analysis. In volume I, S.L. Yarbrough uses her degree to analyze iconic characters such as Michael Myers, Jason, Pinhead, Dr. Frankenstein and many more. In volume II not only are there more characters such as Samara from The Ring, Vlad Tepes III (Dracula), The Thir13en Ghosts, Blade, Jack Torrance, but also true Crime stories, strange facts, and interviews with Horror film director Jesse Kozel and professional Ghost Hunter Bea Brugge accompanies the character analysis.
Psychology of...Horror Villains, Survivors, and Victims can be used as a reference guide to psychological disorders, Horror movies, and Horror Villains. The series is perfect for psychology majors, criminal justice majors, true crime fans, anyone who loves Horror films and psychology.

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